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t.A.T.u.- 200KM/H In The Wrong Lane

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t.A.T.u. (pronounced tattoo) is exactly what is wrong with pop music today. They exploit sexuality. They didn’t write the lyrics to their songs. Heck, they didn’t even write the music. The most common description I’ve heard for them is that they’re a “russian lesbian techno group.” The fact that people always identify them as “lesbain” should tip you off to where the focus is.

The duo is made up of two hot female “lesbians.” They sing to poppy-techno music. The lyrics are about the struggle of being accepted and the joys of forbidden love. Each song will fit well on the radio, and in fact the first two singles have already recieved heavy airplay. They have a music video for the hit single, “All The Things She Said” in rotation on MTV. This is the same video which Russia tried to ban. The two make out in the rain.

Just about every major music magazine that has reviewed the cd has come to the conclusion that it sucks. And from an honest standpoint, it does. Yet, why did I bother purchasing both the english version and the russian version of the cd? Because there is something alluring about it. It’s not the fact that they’re lesbians. I think it’s because they have energy. They sing for all their worth and they sound like they mean it. They have the attitude. And they are very hot.

So basically, this is a “guilty pleasure” cd for me. I will willingly admit that this is everything that’s wrong with the music industry. Yet I keep coming back for more of the same drivel. So, I would not reccomend this cd to most people. But if you are into pop music crafted by the music industry, give it a shot.


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  • Yeah this is pure ‘formulated pop’, I’ll agree with ya – and I too sampled the CD – But I’ll probably never listen to it again, just didn’t have that ‘hook’ like other ‘formulated pop’ does…

  • Oh man.

  • You naughty naughty boy…