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Jacques Tati created some of the funniest and most stylish films of the 50s and 60s. Drawing on the heritage of silent film comedy, his movies are a revelation on how good comedy should be done.

There is an outstanding site devoted to his work here. Visit Tativille, why don’t you?

This is a very well designed site, and really reflects the elements which make Tati’s films special.

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  • Tati’s films really are brilliant. I first saw them at Facets in Chicago just before I went to college.

    Some of the Criterion versions of his films are out of print, but good video stores may have copies you can rent (or if you’re really wealthy, you can buy them on ebay).

    But they are films that really deserve to be seen in a theater both because they are so visual and it adds to the experience to be with an audience which can’t stop laughing.

  • Just a point of interest: as Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez pursue their adulterous liasion in the movie Unfaithful, a private eye snaps them rather giddily coming out of a theatre showing Mr. Hulot’s Holiday.