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Interesting story about it on beliefnet.com. It opened in New York in 1995, and more than 1,000 students have attended live, with many more participating via teleconference and correspondence courses. The Tarot School offers four different degrees, each of which requires a year of study.

Graduates go on to be professional readers at metaphysical stores and for “900” phone lines, write books, and offer classes. Others keep their day jobs and use tarot for professional inspiration.

Wald Amberstone, the school’s founder, said students who master the symbolic system should be able to give a complete reading with a single card rather than an entire spread. “You don’t need a lot of cards to get a lot of information,” he said. “Since every card in the tarot deck is just a perspective on a situation, no matter what card you ask, you can’t really go wrong.”

Sounds very similiar to the physics behind holography: any one holographic frame contains all the information in the entire hologram: the more frames, the more intense and “real” the recreated image.

There are those who believe every object, every person, every living thing contains the entire universe: why, Robert Browning saw it all in a single grain of sand.

Then there are those cosmologists who believe the entire universe is endlessly replicating, splitting off from itself at each new event, however small.

Somehow, all these systems: tarot, holography, philosophy, poetry, religion, and cosmology, seem to each be finding a narrow range within which to confine limitless possibility. Is this the definition of a belief system? Reality, perhaps?

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