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Tao of Push-Ups

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Everything you need to know about making your way through life can be found in push-ups. Yes, push-ups. Consider the following:

Great Success Comes With Hard Work

The harder you work at something, the better the results will be and the greater your chances for success. Let’s face it, push-ups are not easy. Heck, they aren’t even fun. At most they are mind-numbingly boring and ridiculously hard. You may think you can get down and do 15 push-ups right now but I guarantee that unless you are a push-up regular, you will not be able to get past five or six. Take this fact into your life and remember that nothing will come easy. If it did we’d all have huge push-up muscles, good jobs, lots of money, and an address at 227 Easy Street.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Something

You might start a nice push-up regimen but chances are good you may miss a night. And that will lead to another missed night, followed by another and so on. Now, things do come up in life that may be legitimate reasons for missing a session, but you have to get back in the zone once that reason has passed.

But I know what you’re thinking: Well, I already haven’t done my push-ups in over a week, what’s the point starting now? And therein lies your biggest mistake: you think it is too late to restart your regimen. But think again, because this is just a simple excuse made up from either fear or laziness. We humans are funny in that we can talk ourselves into, or out of, almost anything. So whether it’s push-ups, a new job, weight loss, quitting smoking, TV/VCR repair, or even that specialized degree, it’s not too late to start.

Outcomes Do Not Come Out Of Nowhere

You may think that just thinking about doing push-ups is just as good as actually doing them. You may sit there and really concentrate on all the fantastic pushing up you’re going to do, but you know what? Those push-ups aren’t going to do themselves! Try as you may, your muscles will not grow by thought alone. Instead, we have to get up off our collective duffs, lie face down on the floor, and start, well, pushing up. Equally, getting that job, quitting that smoke, or working towards a debt-free life that will entitle you to home or boat ownership will never come without similar actions. I assure you, that boat will not just appear on your tow hitch. You have to take the steps to get the money to get the boat (and possibly a hitch).

The Track To Success = Simple Mathematical Equation

x + y = z
push-ups + hard work = muscles
(insert woe here) + hard work = success and happiness

Complexity in Simplicity

It doesn’t really get much more simple than push-ups, the most basic and primitive of all human workouts (aside from running from wild animals). It’s so disgustingly simple it shouldn’t even work; you don’t need any equipment or training, just two arms and a desire to succeed. And succeed you will, for push-ups get results—complex muscular results in simplistic, primitive ways. Similarly, seek out simple solutions to life’s complexities. All things can be broken down to simple parts. Tackle these simple parts one by one. By the time you get to the finish line you will be amazed at your complex results. And muscles.

It’s Hard For Everyone

No one gets a free ride. Well, unless you’re Teddy Montgomery (and if you know who that is, don’t tell anyone for fear of embarrassment). From the dawn of man, everyone has had a hard time or two (thousand). Life can be quite a grueling affair, but hard work and determination can overcome this living gulag and turn it into something a little more manageable. The same can be said for push-ups. They are not easy for anyone. Even that guy who can do like 2,000 in one session, well, he probably gets pretty darn winded by number 1,999. And remember, years ago he probably got down to do his first set and couldn’t get past five or six. But he stuck with it and look at him now! Johnny muscle-arm, live on stage.

Now, I’m going to go do some push-ups…

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