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Talk About a Right-wing Nut Job

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Wow. As far as brain-dead stupid goes, this one just takes the cake. It would seem that at least one conservative, Andy Schlafly, founder of Conservapedia, is convinced that the theory of relativity is actually a liberal plot to get people to stop reading the Bible.

In the entry, “Counterexamples to Relativity,” the authors (including Schlafly) write:

“The theory of relativity is a mathematical system that allows no exceptions. It is heavily promoted by liberals who like its encouragement of relativism and its tendency to mislead people in how they view the world.”

Schafly follows that up in the reference section with this nugget — “Virtually no one who is taught and believes relativity continues to read the Bible, a book that outsells New York Times bestsellers by a hundred-fold.”

With all due respect to my thinking, intelligent conservative friends, this guy straight up takes the cake in wing-nut crazy. Look, if you have a disagreement with Einstein’s theory — cool, but don’t try and blanket it as some liberal plot to get people to stop reading the Bible.

There, I said it.

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  • Cannonshop,

    Last year, you and I were actually on the same side in opposition to TARP and Stimulus.

    No, I was for the stimulus. In fact, the stimulus package was actually too small according to, two leading economists, Paul Krugman and Warren Buffett.

    I was against TARP.


  • Dreadful, that seemed much more clever the last time I tried to post it three days ago.

    Am feeling much better now. 🙂

  • *just now waking up*
    dreadful nightmare…inscrutable Libertarians…

  • The Libertarians kicked me out. 🙁

    Are they sulking because Ron Paul wanted to run as a Republican?

  • You are the best kind of atheist, Cannonshop.

    *I occasionally do belong to the outright crazy group, once a year, when the annual four-day stretch of intense insomnia and its sequelae hits, as it did last week. I’ve been celebrating it to the hilt! Now, off to sleep, perhaps to dream…

  • Cannonshop

    Irene, I can’t name anyone on Blogcritics whom I’d term a “Religious Nutter”, including some folks whom I think are outright crazy. You’re not among either of those groups.

    Jeannie, you know damned good and well where I stand on Corporate Welfare and the falsehood of “Too big to fail”. At one point last year, you and I were actually on the same side in opposition to TARP and Stimulus, precisely because these things did no more than reward bad behaviour while soaking the citizenry.

    I have also mentioned that yes, there SHOULD be a ‘safety net’-I just think it’s better done by voluntary, as opposed to compulsory, means.

    Then again, I’m not opposed to repealing Helmet and Seatbelt laws, provided that those whose injuries could have been prevented are denied public-funded medical care-there should never be rewards for being an idiot, but if their insurer is willing to pay, who am I to argue?

  • You know, I don’t think Cannonshop ever actually came right out and said I was a religious nutter, neither did he explicity kick me out of the lLllLibertarian Par…err…fellowship. I’ll tell you what though.

    I know personally a lot of atheists who are LlLllibertarians, and they sort of like me I guess, because whenever they have a pile of campaign literature to pass out, or signs to put up, or NEED SOMEONE TO RUN FOR DANG PRECINCT COMMITTEEMAN, or go to the Dang State convention, they call up and are all like, “mhello? Irene Athena? Yeah, we’re like all sorry for making those Jesus jokes around you at the last Post-Election Party. Hey! Can you hook us up?”

    And there I go, helping ’em out once again. But I don’t consider myself a chump. They help me try to hold onto some liberties, and I help them out, too.

    One of those liberties is the right to be a participant, a FULL participant, in the democratic process, no matter what you believe about God. The best kind of atheist recognizes that.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t know that, Dave Nalle. Yes, he is her son. I don’t know a whole lot else about them, but they’re in the Religious Nutters Political Party with me, so I’ve made an attempt to get to know her better recently.

    The Libertarians kicked me out. 🙁

  • Is this idiot related to Phyllis Schlafly? The name connection can’t be coincidence.


  • John Wilson

    Cooperative associations for mutual benefit are as old as mankind. They are necessary because individual humans can’t survive in nature.

  • Roger,

    The individuals are the ones that need bailing…most of us don’t have huge profit margins to cut into.

    : (

  • Roger,

    Of course, I’m against those bailouts…and the contrived reasons given to the taxpayers as to why *they* had to bail out these greedy bastards, instead of them cutting into their own profit margins.

    I am not being too hard on, Cannonshop.

  • Jeannie,

    You ought to be against those bailouts regardless of who is in office. I’m certain that Cannon stands on his principles here. Anyway, you shouldn’t accuse him of being double-faced simply because he is a conservative, especially when you both agree that bailouts were not in the best interests of the people.

  • So, when you go on to say:

    I’m also against using confiscatory government power to cover the wasteful practices of Corporations (TARP, Obama’s Stimulus, the Fannie and Freddy Bailouts, “Too big to fail” etc.)

    Only because Obama is in?

  • Cannonshop,

    It is this, outright hypocrisy that I must address.

    I’m against using the power of government to compel one person to cover another person’s risks against the first person’s will.

    The corporations, Wall Street, and the Banks can receive cover from the Government in-order to lesson their risks, but not the individual? When were we given any power of will over these decisions?

    All the regulations and rules were chucked by, Regan and all who followed him,
    leaving these groups free to basically gamble with our economy, and when it all came tumbling down,were they held accountable? NO!

    And don’t try to accuse me of partying our country away…your friends are doing that right now.

  • NOAM(#22). dang.

  • You tell ’em Cannonshop! Can you become a Rastafarian or something so we can have someone with your common sense approach to economics on our team?

  • No, Adam Ash, Cannonshop respects Noel Chomsky too much to classify him with the Religious Nutters.

    That category (which knows no left, right, front or center, see comment #6,#8) contains Fred Phelps ‘n’ Family, various Liberation Theology priests, and Phyllis and Andy Schlafaly. Since I’ve been banished here, too, I guess, I’ll position myself strategically between the priests and the uber-albeit-pseudo-Conservative Schlafaly’s. This is where I will be of greatest utility in promoting unity in the Relgious Nutter Party. A big tent we are!

  • Cannonshop

    No, John (#19) I am not in favour of policies such as you promote. I am against compelling others to provide those things-in other words, I’m against using the power of government to compel one person to cover another person’s risks against the first person’s will.

    Capische? get it? When an INDIVIDUAL sets up a retirement account, or purchases insurance, etc. etc. that is far, far different from using the power of the gun to take those things and give them to someone else who did not have the foresight to set them up.

    I’m also against using confiscatory government power to cover the wasteful practices of Corporations (TARP, Obama’s Stimulus, the Fannie and Freddy Bailouts, “Too big to fail” etc.)

    You know, John, all those things you think are wonderful, like corporate welfare scams, taxpayer funded slush funds like ACORN, etc.

    #20 Everyone is entitled to their opinion, Adam, at least until one party or the other manages to make having that opinion illegal.

  • Adam Ash


    To find any equivalence between the far right (religious nut jobs) and the far left (Chomsky) proves that you are a nut job yourself. Maybe a centrist nut job, but definitely out there in kooksville.

    Adam Ash

  • John Wilson

    12-cannon : “……the more society takes on risks from the individual, the poorer the quality the next generation of individuals will be.”

    This sounds like an argument against allowing people to accumulate so much money and property that they and their families are insulated from struggle.

    So, I take it, you are in favor of confiscatory inheritance taxes?

    I take it you are against Golden Parachutes?

    I take it you are against all manner of Savings Accounts and other risk reducing mechanisms?

  • : )John Wilson…a lot needs to be said, and I’m glad your here saying it.

  • Well Cannonshop, you had a lot to get off your chest.

    Two factors that have contributed to the difficulties in science education are:
    1)the fact that the science class room has been made a political battle field by both the LEFT and the RIGHT
    2) the overwhelming job of responding to the explosion…really!…of information, new topical material to cover. There were old technologies that teachers needed to be convinced to discard. Why OH WHY was class time wasted in giving slide rule demonstrations a full decade after men had landed on the moon? Better to have spent the time collecting empty beer cans along the side of the highway to trade in for a nickel a-piece toward the price of a new calculator.

    …let’s see…rock stars…the rise of Malcolm X, yes that was admirable….”a clinging grasping to religion to deny that it’s the fault of the person who’s failed”…what’s this? even for people with Irish Roman Catholic or Jewish mothers? ah, let it go, putting down people for what they believe about God is ignorant and vulgar…

    ….”Social Promotion in schools”…a lot on education here…have you ever considered getting on a school board, Cannonshop?….

    ….Lastly: “raise kids on Ritalin and pity, and you will have pitiful adults who need their prozac…” Tilt. Tilt. TILT

    So. OK. I understand that quite often, a prescription for meds is written out when a presciption for more LOVE for the kid, or parental attention, including, yes, discipline should have been written out instead.

    HOWEVER….*deep breath*…

    Perspectives on the physical nature of the Universe as reflected in the Theory of Special Relativity HAVE MATURED AND DEVELOPED APACE WITH perspectives on the human brain as organ, susceptible to organic disorders just as the heart, or lungs are, as relflected in the development of the field of psychopharmacology.

    Food for thought.

  • John Wilson

    This stupid nonsense Did Not Need To Be Said, and my silly comment Did Not Need To Be Said, either.

  • Cannonshop

    I’m not quite a Libertarian in the capitalized “L” sense. I’m more inclined to believe that Government is a poor servant, terrible master, and dangerous necessity that must be watched and constrained, but I’m realistic enough to know that today, it is unlikely to be so, and tomorrow even less.

    but I believe in the concept of “assumed risk”, and see the desire to hide/share/eliminate/conceal that risk as at the root of the loss of freedoms in our society, and as those freedoms disappear, they are noticed less and less by each generation, as each generation likewise becomes and evolves socially toward a more ignorant, superstitious, and dare I say cowardly direction.

  • OK we’ve crossed each other. Let me read what you had to say in #12 while I was posting #13

  • …and I think YOU know enough about me, to know that as a libertarian, I am not a promoter of its equally extreme antithesis, (That’d be the status quo.)

  • Cannonshop

    #10 I’m not saying, I think, what you think I’m saying…

    Screw it, I probably am. Look, there’s room for reasonable safety nets, but…the more society takes on risks from the individual, the poorer the quality the next generation of individuals will be. Part of that, is that as you reduce risk beyond a certain point, you encourage intellectual laziness, just as you encourage failure when you lower standards.

    Our society (here in the U.S. especially) has been doing both longer than I have been alive. A basic High-School education in 1962 provided superior education in Math and what you might call the ‘basic structure’ of Science, than a two year degree did ten years ago, and it has not improved.

    We have the Ignorant teaching the Ignorant in our public schools (bottom 20% of college graduates go into education, folks…), we have more college students than we did even in the sixties-and turn out fewer qualified engineers and scientists, not to mention doctors.

    quality of product indicates quality of production, lack of qualified applicants goes all the way down to root sources-and in this case, the root sources end up being the result of the society in which they are raised-and what is that society?

    Well…what are the avenues popularly associated with upward mobility in our poorer communities? Crime, Sports, and Entertainment. Contrast that with the generation that produced Dr. King or even Malcolm X- Dr. King came from a background that emphasized hard work, education, and the gathering of knowledge under conditions that would and were and largely ARE horrible conditions. Malcolm X became prominent after becoming largely self-educated.

    Today’s society doesn’t encourage that in the least-instead of fighting to rise on their own merits, the culture today is one of blame-games, entitlement, and worship of the most ignorant among us (rock stars, rappers, actors, and junkie-jocks), mixed with a clinging grasping to religion to deny that it’s the fault of the person who’s failed.

    And we have a system that ENCOURAGES this-from “Social Promotion” in schools, to a social-welfare net that encourages dependence, to a society that tells people it isn’t their fault, the culture degrades as would animals in a confinement breeding with their relatives.

    The Mind evolves to fit the environment, raise kids on Ritalin and pity, and you will have pitiful adults who need their prozac to get through the day.

  • Cannonshop, seriously, help me understand this. I know enough about your persona on the threads to know you are NOT likely to be, as a libertarian, a promoter of Social Darwinism…

  • #9 para 3 “we encourage the stupid, lazy and ignorant to breed” sounds like a promotion of social Darwinism. Was it? Or was it merely a repudiation of its equally extreme antithesis?

  • Cannonshop

    #8 What, there are no Liberation Theologians out there anymore? Fact is, guys like Schlafly Claim to be of the political right-but they’ve really got nothing more than a minor cosmetic resemblance to the right, just as guys like Fred Phelps are no more of the Political Left than Rush Limbaugh (in spite of being a Democrat).

    The so-called “Culture War” is a bilateral obfuscation-both the extreme left and extreme right use and benefit from it as a means to smear and vilify their opponents-but it’s all a hoax used by both sides to lower the debate to a level where they can manipulate the ignorant.

    And there are so Many ignorant people now, I’d say there are actually more people whom are more ignorant of basic scientific principles NOW, than there were at the time of the Scopes trial, and it has no political definition-they’re ALL ignorant, right AND left, our safer society has, imho, produced a kind of reverse-darwinism, we encourage the stupid, lazy, and ignorant to breed, while railing at the motivated, intelligent and curious/educated to limit their reproduction.

    Which gives guys like Schlafly and Phelps followers and credibility-by-numbers (bandwagon effect) when they should, by all rights, be laughingstocks.

  • Benjamin

    @Canonshop – I would agree with about religious nuts not being the exclusive domain of a certain wing. This fella identifies himself as a conservative and it does seem to me the extremes of Christianity flow more from the far-right.

  • Benjamin,

    This needed to be said…there, I said it!

    : )

  • Cannonshop

    Religious nuttery is religious nuttery, it has no ‘wing’ (right, left, middle centre, rear…) Schlafly’s about mentally on par with Fred Phelps and those nice gentlemen who urge parents to raise suicide bombers for God.

  • Jordan Richardson

    It’s hard to read Conservapedia as anything other than complete satire. It’s a hoot!

  • Benjamin

    To Victor – never let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

  • Benjamin

    Oh yes, Satan and I are good friends. He was my lawyer during the divorce, rat scallion screwed me the whole way.

  • If the Bible truly outsells all those “liberal” volumes on the Times bestseller list, what’s this guy all worked up about anyway?

  • And just WHO inspired you to diss the Revealed Truth as God dictated it to Mr. Schlafly. Could it be . . .

    . . . SATAN?!?!?!?