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Tales of Innocence and Experience: An Exploration; Eva Figes

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In a German language class at community college (I went on for the full 4-year degree) I once stood up in a “bring us something of the culture” day of the class.

I wither at the idea of standing in front of audiences and speaking. But this I did confidently as I presented and read from a Grimm Brothers’ book of fairytales.

The imagery of fairytales and such “cautionary tales” sticks with a person and a culture for a long time. And as the title of this book by author Eva Figes suggests, they launch us into worlds of pining for innocence and living a life of growing experience.

However, the suggestion of the title is rooted in reality, not fairytales. Figes weaves a continium of life, from her grandmother to her own granddaughter in wartime Germany, circa 1941.

LA TIMES review : Beautifully written by Merle Rubin

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BBC interview.

Article – London Guardian: It’s a Nan’s World

N.B. Bloomsbury is the UK publisher of the Harry Potter series. Coincidence?

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