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Tale of the Lonely Drop Shipper

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I have always wanted to be drop shipper. For as long as I have known what a drop shipper was, what they did, how it afforded them mortgages and boat notes, I have always wanted to be one of them.

The type of drop shipper of which I speak is one who picks out merchandise from the drop shipping company’s catalog and if the company does not have one online, why do they not? The point is that the drop shipper is a go-between. She takes orders from buyers, then pays for the item from the drop shipping company and gives them the buyer’s address, so that they will fill that order.

So, I set out to become a drop shipper. I wanted to be a great one!

And she looked high and low. She Googled it. She Yahoo’d it. She even Lesser Search Engine’d it. And she came up with snake eyes.

I let a few years pass before I remembered andthis little dream-type thing of mine came back into my already busy head. Sparked by a conversation with a friend, I went out looking again. This time was going to be different! I am now a student at a major online university and was thinking about that huge library to which I have anytime access to.

And I searched. And I came up with a company that didn’t require any monthly fees. I didn’t have to give them my credit card information and when I searched the search engines and directories, I didn’t come up with any negative feedback.

I had questions. I clicked on the online chat box. And boom! There was “Jim.” Jim was very polite and everything seemed very divine. I was able to find a handful of products that weren’t already smattered all over Ebay!

And five people bought those items from me. Great, huh? No. Not so much. Two of those orders never went through the company’s website. I even asked for them to assist me with entering those orders. I explained that every time I entered an order, I kept getting a certain error message. They wouldn’t do it. I soon realized that I was pestering people who didn’t care about me as a customer.

I sent a polite email saying that if I didn’t get a response by 11 PM CST on the next day I was done with them. This elicted nothing from them. Nothing. Not a thing. It got so that every time I logged on to the site the chat was not available.

And the other three items? That is also a lovely story. Now I have one piece of neutral feedback on my otherwise pristine Ebay feedback record and I don’t blame the recipient. She was actually very merciful considering that the item she was supposed to get is different from what she got!

I have contacted the buyers whose orders I was unable to enter. And the other two buyers? One of them has opened a case/dispute on the premise that they have not yet received their item. Hmph. Just wait till he/she actually gets the item? Great! ANOTHER piece of neutral, if not negative feedback for me, Little Miss Dory Drop Shipping Dummy. And who can blame them?

I am not saying that there are not legitimate drop shipping companies out there, because I believe that there are. I am just saying that it does not seem reasonable for me to pay for such a service when the company is already making money off of the merchandise sold. My research tells me that half of the companies that do that are a scam. Sigh.

I know that there is a legitimate drop shipping company that will drop ship their merchandise to my customers and I know that there is a company who will do this so that I can sell stuff on Ebay and there won’t already be 188 other sellers already workin’ the same stuff. I just know it. I do.

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  • I too have been a drop shipper and it is a hard business although it can make quite a bit of money but it is still quite limited as you can only physically do so much without getting someone to help you. It is so very important to have an exact description of the product that you practically have to buy each item yourself so you can create a good one. The returns are enormous without this and then when you do get orders, so may times the supplier is out of the product and it is backordered. So, if you want to be successful, stick to small products and then turn the business into a direct seller and get funding to startup this business because if you were getting orders as a drop shipper you now have history to bring to a funder. Then it can become a great business. Hopefully this helps someone. Business Startup Funding

  • Thanks for your comment Sandi. This sounds like great advice if you can find a solid drop shipping company.