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Take a Shot At Skip Bayless and Win FREE* Gas For a Year!!

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I should really pay attention to ESPN.com SportsNation’s live chat more often.

It seems that ESPN.com columnist and Cold Pizza talking head Skip Bayless will write something inflammatory, such as his screed against the Winter Olympics, followed by an appearance in the live chat where irritated ESPN readers will take their best shots at Bayless as if they’re voting in a poll on one of those advertisements that offer FREE* IPOD NANOS!!!

Keep in mind that this isn’t uncensored chat. In all likelihood, a moderator is screening the questions and purposely feeding Skip Bayless a mixture of praise, inquiry, and well-crafted anti-Bayless zingers.

In today’s discussion with Bayless, “Proto” from New Jersey asked Skip the following:

Skip, I heard this rumor. Can you confirm or deny it? The rumor is that Around the Horn actually has 5 guys on it everyday, including you. But you are so stupid that you get kicked off before the show acutally starts every day. True?

At this juncture Bayless has no option but to grin and bear it. Or, as he demonstrated, futilely try to respond back:

True. And you’re dumb enough to keep watching for me every day.

Ooh, the battle-tested “I know you are but what am I” maneuver. It works so well in many situations. Shockingly, an ESPN.com live chat is not one of those situations.

Now, some people pose serious sports questions for Bayless and conceivably waste all our time. After all, the only reason we’re reading the chat is so we can see which anonymous fan makes us giggle at the expense of an unpopular sportswriter. It took a while before Mike from Philadelphia’s question hit the chatroom:

Have you ever expiremented with drugs, because some of the stuff you say makes me wonder if you come onto tv right after going through 100$ worth of crack?

Now, I couldn’t tell you if $100 of crack is actually anything more than a grain of salt, but I can surmise that would be enough of a mind-bending drug to make you write like Skip Bayless. His retort, sadly, went the route of seriousness:

I have never touched a recreational drug in my life. Don’t drink alcohol, never even tried a cigarette. The only thing unfiltered is me.

Well, I am relieved that he’s telling the truth about himself. Only now can the healing can begin.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m putting so much attention on a writer whose opinions I disagree with. “I thought your policy was to ignore and avoid things you didn’t like!” Yeah, well, as much as I like shunning a dumb pundit, I can’t turn a cold shoulder to a hot thermos of snarky discourse. More than anything, I love a good flamewar from a distance, with a Diet Pepsi in one hand and a box of Mike and Ike in the other.

So I ask myself a few questions:

  1. How often does Skip Bayless appear on ESPN chat?
  2. How come I didn’t know of these flameside chats until now?
  3. Was it that 100$ of crack?

Matthew T. “Matt” Sussman writes a lot on his days off. Fortunately, for you, he returns to work today.
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  • I don’t know which is more useless: Bayless or Paige. Those exchanges are painful and cause me to want to not only watch ESPN but sports in general.

    What ESPN needs is an all PTI channel with nothing but Wilbon and Kornheiser.

  • sal m

    bayless personifies today’s plague of sportstalk “screaming heads.” he offers nothing as a commentator and is unpleasant to boot…i stopped watching/listening to almost everything that espn does because of loud mouths like bayless and woody paige, who is TOTALLY clueless.

    speaking of tony k, he is going to be the third man in the booth for MNF on espn.

  • We should come up with ten really good insult/questions for the next Bayless chat, and see if any of them make it in front of his fat face.

  • There is the potential for this to be the best MNF crew in some time. Tirico is very good. Kornheiser, if they allow it, could be great. Theisman could perhaps be acceptable. I love the idea of Tony in the booth if they do it right.

  • P33KAJ3W

    Skip is to reality as Ricard Simmons is to fashion

  • Samwell

    This posting actually made me hate Skip even more. Didn’t know that was possible. I can’t believe he takes himself that seriously. The man’s name is Skip. Also, if he’s never done drugs/smoked/drank then how is it he wrote a book about the Cowboys? I’m sure that’s not judgmental and damning at all.

    I think we have to find a way to set him up so he’s caught with planted kiddie porn. It’s the only way.

  • Not watching Cold Pizza might be another option.

  • Bill Banks

    I have lived in Texas since 1968 and have spent the time since then avoiding Skip and any media outlet (print, radio or TV) that is so devoid of talent that they would resort to inflicting him on their customers. Skip is a joke in Texas and now ESPN is playing that joke on everyone.

  • Deuce

    Skip’s views are incorrect & very laughable. He always called the Pittsbugh Steelers “a bunch of trash talking thugs. With more bark than bite.” We’ll Skip looking at your predictions you’re the same way, I’ve never seen such a more disappointing predictions in the playoffs by an “expert”. Then, the next day he critizes calls in the superbowl that the league upheld, just to gain publicity for himself. Skippy good luck to you on your next job I can’t imagine why ESPN would want to keep you after the poor poor job you’ve done.

  • Cody

    This is an email i wrote to skip two days after the super bowl in response to his article “steeling one: Hawks got robbed”

    Hey there Skip,

    I just read your article entitled “Steeling one: Seahawks robbed”. I strongly disagree with this claim, not only as a Steelers fan, but as a football fan. First of all, the pass interference call on Darrell Jackson, was pass interference. It does not matter how hard you push off, it’s just the simple fact that you do it. Darrell Jackson pushed off of the DB, ergo, offensive pass interference. Secondly, the holding call on Locklear was not holding, and just a mistake, but calls like that happen in every game and referees are only human, and not perfect. Thirdly, to say that Walter Jones and Co. gave Hasselbeck ample time to throw is inaccurate. The Steelers still had three sacks, one of which by Casey Hampton, who promptly knocked two of Walter Jones’ company on their butts and sacked Hasselbeck. Also, most of the passes Hasselbeck threw, especially early, were on two and three step drops. When Hasselbeck did have a lot of time to throw, Pittsburgh was generally rushing three or four men, and dropping the rest in coverage. Hasselbeck was also deserving of his below-the-waist blocking penalty. There was a defender standing between Hasselbeck and the ball carrier, and Hasselbeck happened to hit him, whilst making the tackle. It was simply a case of a frustrated athlete trying to make up for a poor play, and what he did, happened to be illegal. You go on to say that “it took another trick play… to basically ice the game”. You act as if the ONLY form of offense Pittsburgh EVER gets is via the trick play. Everyone knows they use three or four every game, and I seriously doubt that they can go 15-5 with trick plays as their only form of offense. They are a very balanced team, who can beat you running, throwing, with defense, or special teams. Seattle’s defense did not lose the game on the 3rd and 28 play or the trick play from Randle El to Ward, they were just out-executed by Pittsburgh. Everyone in the stadium bit on the reverse to Randle El, all knowing full well, the Steelers run trick plays, and Roethlisberger bought time in the pocket, while staying behind the line of scrimmage on the 3rd and 28 play to make a great throw to Hines Ward, who came up with a great catch. The defense also happened to give up the longest run in NFL Super Bowl history to Willie Parker (75 yards) who went virtually untouched through Seattle’s defense. You are also wrong when you say the Steelers also didn’t have a difference maker on offense. They did. Hines Ward had 123 yards receiving and a touchdown, along with 18 rushing yards. I would say that’s quite dominant, despite the two dropped passes, of which neither were that easy to make. The bottom line, Skip, is that the Steelers DID win the game, and the Seahawks did not lose the game, and if you truly do believe those calls were incorrect, it is part of the game, and teams must learn to overcome them. A perfect example of this is the Polamalu interception during the Colts/Steelers game, which was overturned, and opened the door for the Colts to come back into the game. The Steelers overcame it, won the game, and ultimately the Super Bowl. Thank you for your time Skip Bayless, and Good Day.

    With all due respect,
    Cody Earnest

  • But the question is, did that e-mail change his mind?

  • Tim S.

    My comment is about something that I heard Skip say on the radio when he filled in for Rome. He had an argument about how bowling is not considered a sport. He also made comments stating that golf is indeed a sport that takes a significantly higher degree of skill than does bowling. I am a PGA Professional as well as a “scratch” bowler. I have great respect for both SPORTS and feel that both require a tremendous amount of skill to be successful. There were many “scratch” bowlers that called in and tried to explain exactly how much skill is required to average over 200, but he still would not listen. I know that we as Americans are allowed to say anything that we want, but it was just very frustrating listening to someone who has absolutely no clue about the subject expressing such a strong opinion. Do a little research the next time you want to argue about something of which you don’t have a clue.

  • Bayless is an interesting writer, because it is obvious ESPN only hired him to be “that guy.” The one that says all the completely idiotic things that spark controversy and allow his peers to crush him on camera. He’s like a living, breathing straw man. I would like to think that most of us would have more inegrity than to take a gig writing inflammatory crap just so that we could appear on the Worldwide Leader. Maybe not. But I have to believe that this is all very contrived as his role with ESPN. Maybe not, but I’m guessing he’s always taken extreme view points and has expanded that style to almost cartoonish effect. I would list some of his most egregious columns, but I don’t feel like typing the names to 100+ column titles. Anyway, good post.

  • RogerMDillon

    Tim, you keep mentioning skill and not athleticism. Chess takes a great deal of skill. It’s not a sport, either.

    You know that in golf you are playing on different surfaces and each hole varies one from the other. The lanes don’t change length or features. You start with the same 10 pins at the same distance each time.

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Skip on both counts, which is not something I’m happy about.

  • Nice to see this post come alive again.

    Adam, I was just dicking around when I made this post, but the producers of Cold Pizza saw it good enough to talk about it on-air.

  • Tim S.

    Hey Roger! Get a clue. Obviously you are not very good at either SPORT. Both sports take a tremendous amount of athleticism. I think I know a little bit about what it takes to be successful at golf. You state that the length of the lanes are the same. That is true, but do you understand the oil patterns and what it takes to adjust to the oil moving down and around the lanes. After 2 or 3 frames you as an athlete have to adjust because if you throw the same shot every time your ball will not react the same way because of the different condition. Call me when you can break par or throw in the 220’s.

  • Joseph Angelo

    This guy has to be the most judgemental sports analyst I have ever seen. He attacks athletes with no knowledge to back up his radical claims. He accused Lebron of pretending to sprain his ankle to keep his MVP chances alive. WTF? He makes a somewhat incoherant Woody Paige look like a genius.

  • TB

    I don’t like you Skippy!!!! You’re a bad man…..a very,very bad man. I see you still cry over great Steeler Super bowl victory. I laugh at you, ha, ha, ha.

    No bad talk about all mighty coach Cowher or some a buddy gonna get a hurt, i’m not going to tell you who, but i think you know him very, very well skippy boy.

    oh, yes one more thing, your big bad scary bungals had big chance to enter playoffs, but unfortunately had to play those “awful” steelers and “horrible” Coach Cowher. Maybe next year, ha, ha, ha…you have a great year skippy boy, live long and prosper.

    ps: i laugh at you. ha ha ha.

  • chad from sd

    i’ve never blogged or posted anything on the internet before… but i feel so strongly that skip bayless is the most ignorant individual in sports journalism that i had to weigh in….. almost everything he says makes me shake my head and ask, “why does ESPN put this jackass on tv?” he never SAYS anything.. he just starts ranting and raving and i start to wonder why he feels so stronly about his irrelevant stances… i’m ignorant in saying this but i believe he didn’t play sports professionally or in college so he really has no idea what he’s talking about… former athletes and coaches, despite being rough around the edges sometimes (Daryl Johnston in a suit?) make the best sports commentators… why listen to an auto mechanic talk about gourmet cooking? same concept… thanks for letting me weigh in.. i feel better.. skip sucks

  • jeff skilling

    skip bayless kills kittens and uses the blood to give him radiant, youthful skin……….it has yet to work

  • jeremy

    all these idiots online talking down about skip and woody being loudmouths or whatnot need to hold their mouths right. although i dont always agree with skip (lebron) they make sports news fun along with every one else at espn and i love all the shows. so keep up the great work guys sports nation needs ya