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Tagging is used in social bookmarking and blogging to describe and categorize information allowing it to be more easily found through searches. Tags are basically metadata that can be used in search engine optimization by bloggers and internet marketers to increase web site traffic when used in conjunction with social bookmarking. Tagging started with many Web 2.0 websites and is now widely used on applications like the WordPress platform for bloggers.

Examples of how tagging is used can be found on social bookmarking sites like Del.icio.us. An article entitled Forex Trading Signals could be tagged under something less specific like forex trading or even just forex so that someone browsing can simply click on the tag and have access to a list of more articles in that particular category.

Tagging can be used casually on a blog or with a targeted focus to get more exposure to a website. You can learn more about tagging and the most effective way to use it at Learn Free Internet Marketing with tutorials and video lessons on how to properly tag your articles, blogs, and bookmarks.

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