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Food Rations Reduced for Displaced Persons in Yemen

Efforts to build stability in Yemen are being undermined by a shortage of funds. Read More »

Feeding the Future of Yemen

Feeding and educating its children is crucial for Yemen to build the stability and peace it needs. Read More »

Millions of Syrians and Yemenis Suffer from Hunger, Cold

Hunger is fast escalating in the Middle East, particulary in Yemen and Syria. Read More »

Fight Hunger at Home and Abroad in Farm Bill

Fight hunger at home and abroad, starting with the Farm Bill. Read More »

Special Food Can Save Malnourished Children in Yemen

A full supply of supplementary plumpy for children in Yemen would provide the nation a break from the malnutrition storm. Read More »

Unrest and Funding Shortages Threaten Yemen School Feeding

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) has been unable to fulfill its school feeding plan for Yemeni children for several years. Read More »

Obama, Romney, Clooney, and an Invisible Guest


Today let's have a break from excessive political fundraising and have our political leaders come together to benefit humanity instead. Read More »

This Day in History in the Fight Against Global Hunger

As President Obama is set to make a speech about today's global hunger crisis, it helps to look back on this day in history. Read More »

Act Now and Avoid Summer Disaster of Hunger and Famine

If we act now, we can stop famine and save millions of lives. Read More »

Famine Warnings: Alarming Hunger Crisis Demands Quick Action

The growing hunger crisis is going to require the U.S. to build up its Food for Peace program. Read More »