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SXSW Interactive: Zombie Journalism and Superhero Journalism

Are you a Zombie or a Superhero Journalist? Read More »

Jet Airways Leads Domestic Indian Airline Industry in the Use of Social Media

The maximum social grades in India are around 2.6, whereas global brands like Southwest Airlines are already crossing 4.4. How can Indian airlines improve? Read More »

New Internet Cookies Rule To Be Enforced in the European Union

European online advertisers race to comply with the new EU cookies directive while in the US, efforts are being made to expand to a "Do Not Track" system. Read More »

You Are What You Look Like: Biracial, Multiracial, Black, White – Well, Most of the Time

Race is confusing for good reason. Someone wants you to think it doesn't matter. But economically, race matters. Read More »

Yahoo Ready to Abandon Ship as Flickr Loses a User’s 4,000 Photos

The gentleman from Switzerland made an interesting comment when his 4,000 Flickr photos went missing. Read More »

GeoCities Dies: There Goes the Neighborhood

A once-prosperous Internet community goes to sleep today. Read More »

Malware Threats in Search Results

Beware of hidden threats in your search results. Read More »