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‘The X-Files’ Returning to Fox January 24!


Mark your calendar: January 23, 2016--the premiere of "The X-Files" version 2.0 coming to FOX! Read More »

TV Review: Amazon’s Pilot Season Cometh

bosch is offering for our free viewing (and voting) pleasure pilots for five new adult series: three comedies and two dramas. Which one(s) will get made? That is up to we, the viewers. Read More »

An Interview with Best-Selling Science Fiction Novelist Kevin J. Anderson

In this exclusive interview, author Kevin J. Anderson talks about his work and the craft as he embarks on a book tour for his latest novel. Read More »

TV Review: Elementary – “The Deductionist”

A serial killer and Sherlock Holmes find common ground when the detective is forced to work with an unscrupulous and ambitious FBI profiler. Read More »

Interview: Catching Up with The X-Files’ Dean Haglund – Part One

In Part One of my exclusive interview with The X-Files Dean Haglund (Langley of the Lone Gunmen), we reminisce about the iconic series. Read More »

TV Review: Hunted – Premiering on Cinemax Tonight

X-Files creator Frank Spotnitz debuts his new conspiracy thriller on Cinemax Read More »

Brad Dourif Visits Storybrooke on an Upcoming Once Upon a Time

Genre favorite Brad Dourif will join an all-star list of upcoming guests on ABC's new fantasy-adventure series Once Upon a Time. Read More »

The X-Files Redux: Revisiting the Exploits of Mulder and Scully

Introducing a new feature on Blogcritics. Join me as we trip down memory lane to revisit '90s cult favorite The X-Files. Read More »

House, M.D.: Finding House’s Humanity in “Out of the Chute”

House hits rock bottom in House, M.D.'s "Out of the Chute." Read More »

What to Watch on Halloween: A Healthy Dose of OMG from The X-Files

Wondering which X-Files episodes are the best for the creepiest night of the year? Well, wonder no more! Read More »