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Worldcon 2012, Part 3

Another day at Worldcon, with science and art and fiction galore and a discussion of how much science science fiction needs. Read More »

Worldcon Interview with Patrick Rothfuss, Author of The Kingkiller Chronicle

A magician should never reveal his tricks, they say. Well, this one does, and the stories he's conjured up are all the better for it. Read More »

Worldcon 2012, Part 2

The second of several long days at Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention. Read More »

Hugo Award Winners Announced

The world's most prestigious science fiction and fantasy award announces its winners at Worldcon. Read More »

Worldcon 2012, Part 1

An exhausted fan recounts a convention's first day. Read More »

Worldcon, Here I Come!

A Blogcritics writer plunges into five days of geekery and writes about it. Read More »

Five Traits of Awful Cosplay Attendees

There are always dozens of examples of these guys littered throughout your average cosplay event. Read More »