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Meet Debut Author and Photographer Sarah E. Sauer

Animals have helped Sarah,, a childhood brain cancer survivor, in ways no person ever could. Read More »

Interview: Spotlight on Debut Author Scott R. Caseley

If you have that feeling you're coming up short... what will it take to feel equal? Caseley responds with his YA romantic mystery novel. Read More »

Interview: Author Elizabeth Kail Arnita Gives More Than the Love of Reading to Children

All proceeds from Baby Come Home and future books will assist children who would otherwise have little hope of a desirable future. Read More »

Spotlight Interview with Author Jack Remick

Author Jack Remick shares his thoughts on the written word and the basics of novel writing. Read More »

Meet Shirley Kufeldt, Debut Author of the Bible Bites Series

Shirley Kufeldt’s Bible Bites booklets, small pocket-sized monthly journals that include current prayer requests, are focused daily Scripture for journaling and reflection. Read More »

Interview: Meet Author Alyce Joy, Author of KA-BOOM!

Alyce Joy hopes every child who reads her stories will look forward to each new adventure, as her favorite fairy becomes entangled into many outrageous happenstances. Read More »

Interview: Jo Linsdell, Author and Illustrator of Out and About at the Zoo

Out And About At The Zoo is a cute book that describes a child's memory filled trip to the zoo. Read More »

Interview: Laura Smith, Author of All Things

The author talks about the trials and spiritual awakening to led to her debut book. Read More »

Interview: Meet Award-Winning Author Fran Orenstein

Fran Orenstein, Ed.D., award-winning author and poet, wrote her first poem at age eight and submitted a short story to a magazine at age twelve. Read More »

Ten Questions with Author Molly Nero of the Children’s Book Series, Smarty Pig

Teaching fourth grade awakened Molly Nero's love of writing. She was encouraged and nurtured by her students. Read More »