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The Challenge of Getting Food to Afghan Schoolchildren

What's at stake is the future of every Afghan child as well as their country. Read More »

Eisenhower Believed Allied Victory Was Inspiration for Fighting Global Hunger

If America has enough resolve to battle world hunger, we can take the greatest step there is toward world peace. Read More »

Biden Optimistic Global Hunger Struggle Can Be Won

The Vice President urges Congress to keep fighting global hunger and not to slash food aid in the budget. Read More »

Senate Urged to Support Food for Peace Program

The Senate needs to stand united and fight global hunger with Food for Peace. Read More »

Cincinnati Art Museum Taking on Global Hunger Crisis

It is through art that the hungry and suffering have an ally. This alliance transcends time. Read More »

Congress: Food Aid Budget Cuts a Disaster

Budget cuts to food aid will put millions of lives at risk and be a disaster for our foreign policy. Read More »

U.S. Food for Peace To Aid Conflict Victims in Cote d’Ivoire and Liberia

The international community will need to remain engaged on the crisis in Cote d'Ivoire, fighting hunger and building peace Read More »

International Women’s Day and the Secret Weapon Against Hunger

On this International Women's Day let's remember how important Food for Education programs are for girls. Read More »

House Budget Cuts Funding for School Meals

Think of what school meals for children could mean for so many countries. It's healthier, more educated children. Read More »

Yemen Hunger Relief Mission Underfunded by Nearly $70 Million

The World Food Programme is requesting immediate support for its operation to fight hunger in Yemen Read More »