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DVD Review: ‘Journey to the Christmas Star’

Journey to the Christmas Star

The king blamed the Christmas star when his daughter, Princess Goldenhair, vanished. The princess can only return if the star is located and returned to the sky. Read More »

Nintendo Wii U Review: Trine 2: Director’s Cut

A magical world with more style than substance. Read More »

Book Review: Lakeland Heatwave Book 2: Riding the Ether by K D Grace

The second book in KD Grace's paranormal series makes for seriously hot supernatural action. Read More »

eBook Review: Lure of Forever by Doris O’Connor

Book two in Doris O'Connor erotic paranormal series, featuring a hot 3,000-year-old vampire. Read More »

TV Review: The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle is an action packed mystery show centered around supernatural powers. Read More »

Book Review: Gil’s All Fright Diner by A. Lee Martinez

Can two paranormal ne'er-do-wells thwart a teenage witch's scheme to rule the world? Read More »

Witchcraft and Marxism in Delaware

Will Chris Coons dress up as Lenin for Halloween? Read More »

My Love/Hate Relationship with The Wizard of Oz (Mostly Hate)

Not everyone thinks The Wizard of Oz is the best movie since Deliverance. Uh…wait…The Wizard came first… Read More »

Book Review: The Midnight Curse by L. M. Falcone

Lacey's brother Charlie inherits a family curse instead of a fortune in this comical suspense read. Read More »

Book Review: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

An odious witch, bacchanalian satyrs, fickle fairies, and magic milk: Fablehaven leaves no fantasy stone left unturned. Read More »