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Five Collectibles That Will Always Hold Their Value

limoges box

People collect for many reasons – a personal interest or passion, a family tradition, an investment opportunity. Some types of items will probably lose their market worth in the coming years, while other collectibles will continue to earn value. Below are just five that are likely to hold or gain value. Limoges Boxes The famous porcelain trinket boxes were first ... Read More »

VINO 2016: The Amazing Tuscan Wines of Pietro Beconcini, and a Wine Mystery Solved

The questions persisted until finally Leonardo and others thought, "Enough!" After 13 years of calling the vine "X" they decided to commission a DNA analysis. With the help of distinguished Professor of Enology at the University of Milan, the erudite Attilio Scienza, the vine was identified as a Spanish interloper. Read More »

Slow Wine 2016: A Sampling of Wines from the Piedmont

Piedmont, Italy, Slow Wine 2016, Italian wines

If these wineries continue with their viticultural sustainability and mission to make quality wines, their upcoming vintages will reflect the quality that I tasted at Slow Wine 2016. Theirs are lovely wines. Read More »