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Movie Review: ‘The Butler’

Field Workers

The Butler follows one man's journey from survival to understanding as he transitions from the cotton field to The White House. Read More »

How Hackers Outsmarted Journalists and Computers

Human error has been blamed for the media outlet hack and consequental computer-generated financial sell-off. Read More »

White House Endorses Discriminatory Practice

Ostensibly anti-discrimination, the Democrats, led by the White House, defeat a bill to protect females. Read More »

Coolest Celebrity Kitchens

More than their fame and fortunes, we’re jealous of these celebrities' sprawling, masterfully designed kitchens! Read More »

Rick Perry’s No George W. Bush? Oh, Sure, He Is

To be sure, the two Texans may be poles apart on policy. But, close your eyes and listen to Rick Perry for a few moments and then tell me something doesn't ring awfully familiar. Read More »

Republican Candidates Have But One Opponent: Mitt Romney

The field of GOP presidential hopefuls has but one task now: drive Mitt Romney out of frontrunner status. Read More »

Will Obama Get Re-elected? Don’t Just Watch The Polls; Instead, Follow The Money

With a deadline coming Friday, this will be a good time to once again drill down on what the president's fundraising could mean for his re-election prospects. Read More »

With Michele Bachmann Running For President, Sarah Palin Doesn’t Have To

Bachmann's entry into the race provides Palin Inc. with a golden opportunity. Read More »

The Mitt Romney Threat

Barack Obama's worst nightmare? Mitt Romney winning the 2012 Republican nomination. Read More »

National Geographic Airing Inside the US Secret Service

A new documentary profiles "American's Golden Boys" - one of whom is my brother. Read More »