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Comic-Con 2015: Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester Talk About NBC’s ‘The Player’

Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester in NBC's "The Player"

Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester, stars of NBC's fall series "The Player," chat about their new series at Comic-Con. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: U.S. Marshals

Samuel Gerard returns to hunt a (different) fugitive. Read More »

Comic Books Review: After Dark, Hot Wire and Ryder on the Storm #3

Three Radical Comics mini-series reveal the simple pleasures of stories with a beginning, middle and end. Read More »

DVD Review: Game Of Death (2010)

Probably shan’t be of any interest other than to the truly devoted followers of Wesley Snipes. Read More »

Comic Book Review: After Dark #1 by Fuqua, Snipes, Milligan and Nentrup

A post-Apocalyptic comics mini-series plotted by movie names Antoine Fuqua and Wesley Snipes. Read More »

Movie Review: Brooklyn’s Finest

Has its moments, but is not terribly memorable. Read More »