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Playing Chess With Corporate America

How can three players play a two person game? Read More »

Take Your Twinkie and Shove It!

On capitalist rapists. Read More »

A Tale of Two Slums

By addressing the Trayvon Martin shooting with a racial tone, the real problem is being overlooked. Read More »

How to Lose a City in Ten Steps; Part Eight: Election Season 2.0

As the city deteriorates, election season comes about and leaves a big impact on minds and wallets alike. Read More »

How to Lose a City in Ten Steps; Part Six: Anchoring an Unlawful Ship

Now that the city is teeming with unemployed illegals, the time has come to hit up the public dole. Read More »

A Hungry America

Six million – one in 50 Americans – depend on food stamps to feed themselves and their families. Read More »

Satire: Uninsured Drivers; the Religious Right Responds

The Big Rock Candy Mountain in the Middle of the Road Read More »

A New Way to Pay; Reforming the Federal Income Tax Code

Is there a better way to pay income taxes? Seriously? Let us find out. Read More »

Pro-Life is a Lie

How anti-abortion folks are using words to fool you. Read More »

A $100 Billion Burden

Mothers on public assistance are often treated as if their children were the product of asexual reproduction. Read More »