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Book Review: ‘New Orleans Requiem’ by D. J. Donaldson


When a man is found stabbed with one eyelid removed and four Scrabble tiles on his chest, can the murderer be stopped before he kills again? Read More »

How Heavy Does Your Scale Weigh On You?


We don't have to set ourselves up for failure just because we're so familiar with the process. Read More »

Battle of the Bulge – Back on Track: Day One


I was terrified to look at the scale; all those beautiful new size 12-14 clothes were beginning to get snug (but still fit). I wasn't looking so great in my workout clothes either. Sound familiar? Read More »

Work Out for Weight Loss? Pffft!

I've accepted that I'm one of those people for whom losing weight isn't a realistic goal. Read More »

Can Couponing and Sale Shopping Make You Fat?

How to avoid coupon and sale "fat traps." Read More »

Adele and the Weight Debate: Role Model, or Irresponsible?

Does Adele's attitude about her appearance set a good example for her fans? Read More »

Overweight TV Couple “Aesthetically Displeasing” to Marie Claire Writer: Wow, Really?

Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly sticks her foot in her mouth in her article about the "fatties" on Mike & Molly. Read More »

The Dressing Room Mirror

A story of a struggle with self-confidence. Read More »

Body Watch: Some People Just Won’t Take Care of Themselves

Isn’t disgusting when people just give up on their looks and health? Read More »

TV Preview: The Biggest Loser Premieres Tenth Season September 21

New cast members are selected. Read More »