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Book Review: ‘Sugar’ by Deirdre Riordan Hall


Can Sugar become the girl that Even sees beyond the mirror? She must decide soon or sink into the mire that has become her role in the family. Read More »

Book Review: ‘New Orleans Requiem’ by D. J. Donaldson


When a man is found stabbed with one eyelid removed and four Scrabble tiles on his chest, can the murderer be stopped before he kills again? Read More »

How Heavy Does Your Scale Weigh On You?


We don't have to set ourselves up for failure just because we're so familiar with the process. Read More »

Battle of the Bulge – Back on Track: Day One


I was terrified to look at the scale; all those beautiful new size 12-14 clothes were beginning to get snug (but still fit). I wasn't looking so great in my workout clothes either. Sound familiar? Read More »

Work Out for Weight Loss? Pffft!

I've accepted that I'm one of those people for whom losing weight isn't a realistic goal. Read More »

Can Couponing and Sale Shopping Make You Fat?

How to avoid coupon and sale "fat traps." Read More »

Adele and the Weight Debate: Role Model, or Irresponsible?

Does Adele's attitude about her appearance set a good example for her fans? Read More »

Overweight TV Couple “Aesthetically Displeasing” to Marie Claire Writer: Wow, Really?

Marie Claire writer Maura Kelly sticks her foot in her mouth in her article about the "fatties" on Mike & Molly. Read More »

The Dressing Room Mirror

A story of a struggle with self-confidence. Read More »

Body Watch: Some People Just Won’t Take Care of Themselves

Isn’t disgusting when people just give up on their looks and health? Read More »