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As Goes Comcast, so Goes the Nation?

Business executives are starting to get worried that growing U.S. poverty will put them out of business. The surprise is what's taken so long for them to start figuring this out. Read More »

Gotta’ Have It: Impulse Marketing (Part 2)

The psychology behind impulse buying. Read More »

Targeted Marketing: Appealing to the Elite (Part 1 of 3)

An overview of marketing to the affluent psychology of the elite. Read More »

John Wayne Marketing: Part 1

Marketing to self-employed business owners. Read More »

Rich Man, Poor Man: How the Rich Get Richer

How wealthy investors continue to make money in real estate. Read More »

The Real Trickle Down Effect

The only thing that truly trickles down from the top in this economy is a lot of greedy, arrogant talk. Read More »