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My Vendetta with V for Vendetta

Whether you are looking for another comic book movie with Natalie Portman or just want to know what the deal is with Guy Fawkes, this movie has something for you. Read More »

Movie Review: The Resident

A film which deserves to become a permanent Resident (sorry) of Christopher Lee's Hammer Hall Of Fame. Read More »

My Favorite Movies of 2009 Part 2: The Top 11 and Notable Near Misses

My choices for 2009's top flicks. Read More »

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Coming to Blu-ray & DVD On November 3rd

One more version for fans to buy. Read More »

DVD Review: Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

While Watchmen is not perfect, it does its best to capture the spirit of the graphic novel. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Watchmen (Director’s Cut)

“Who Watches the Watchmen?” You Should! Read More »

DVD Pick of the Week: Pushing Daisies – The Complete Second Season

Plenty of excellent releases this week. Read More »

2009 at the Movies: The Best and the Worst So Far

We are halfway through the year. How has it shaped up for you? Read More »