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Washington Post Should Fire George Will and ‘Rape Apologist’ Editors

Before and after of Adam Kushner's Washington Post Headline.

Unless the 'Washington Post' wishes to be labeled "vile," "misogynistic" and "rape apologists" it must fire George Will and editors Fred Hiatt and Adam Kushner. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Boys on the Bus’ by Timothy Crouse


Nothing was off limits anymore to reporters -- a candidate's family, his donors, blunders, even medical history. Read More »

U.S. Increases Drone Attacks in Yemen, Hunger Relief Remains Low on Funding

Stepping up drones attacks alone is not going to bring peace in Yemen and improve international security. Read More »

Missoni for Target and the Illusion of Success

What the Missoni and Target mayhem says about the economic recovery. Read More »

Founders’ Intent, Indeed

If Constitutionalism is a promising step to a conservative future, then why do the Republicans want to rewrite the Constitution? Read More »

Book Review: A Life’s Work: Fathers and Sons by Ben and Quinn Bradlee

Fathers and sons bond working in the woods. Read More »

Why Blacks Watch FOX News and Listen to Rush Limbaugh

When it comes to diversity, FOX actually has the other networks beat when it comes to commentators and guests that support their viewpoint and even those who disagree with FOX’s narrative. Read More »

Pelosi Unveils Dem Health Care Bill: All 1,990 Pages of It

"We are putting it online for all Americans to see." Read More »