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Brian Williams – Only Guilty of Telling Us What We Wanted to Hear?


It’s normal behavior for most people to exaggerate but, when millions of people are watching, the stakes are exceedingly higher. Read More »

Flash Fiction: Venus Goes to Mars


A retired astronaut promises his dying wife to deposit her ashes on Mars. Read More »

You Are There: CBS to Stream Its Kennedy Assassination Coverage Real Time

cronkite will stream its historic coverage in real time beginning at 1:48 p.m. ET November 22, the exact moment when the network broke into regularly scheduled Read More »

TV Review: Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way

“Jazz cries out its soul and nobody cares.” — Erik Satie Read More »

DVD Review: On The Road With Charles Kuralt, Set 2

Excellent second DVD set of On The Road segments. Read More »

The Apolitical Inactivist

Does writing this make me an activist? Read More »

Discovery’s Cronkite Remembers Shows How Truly Remarkable Uncle Walter Was

The late, great CBS news anchor shows a funny, warm, human side in this re-broadcast of the the 1997 cable mini-series. Read More »

Generational Idolatry of the Evening Newsperson

Walter Cronkite's death marks the end of a journalistic era, one of many that have passed or have yet to be. Read More »

Walter Cronkite and the Summer of ’69: A Reflection

The convergence of time and events as we remember Walter Cronkite (1916-2009)and Apollo 11's historic mission to the moon. Read More »

Walter Cronkite, America’s Anchorman (1916-2009)

Some final thoughts on the extraordinary career of Walter Cronkite. Read More »