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Failure To Vote Should Never Be An Option

Cowardly TV ad tells Nevada Latinos 'don't vote' Read More »

Democrats Shouldn’t Lose This Election

What happened to the great message machine of the 2008 campaign? Read More »

Back To The Future, Or Do Voters Want To Party Like Its 1999?

When were you better off — in the 1990s under Clinton, or the 2000s under Bush. Your choice. Literally. Read More »

At Long Last, Some Pre-Election Economic Wind At Democrats’ Backs?

Improving financial picture for many Americans could blunt anger GOP will need to win big in November Read More »

Immigration Reform: The Democrats’ 2010 Kryptonite?

An immigration overhaul could give Democrats, including Sen. Harry Reid himself, a big boost in November Read More »

Obama and the Voters

If Obama continues to displease the voters, his summer of Hope and Change may well turn into his Winter of Discontent. Read More »