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SPECIAL REPORT: For Left, Overcoming New Voting Restrictions Are Matter Of Principle, Equality — And Survival

With Republicans trying to stack the deck in states nationwide, progressives and Democrats are fighting back. They realize the outcome in 2012 will depend on it. Read More »

Obama’s the One and Done

Obama had the most powerful group in the modern world behind him and still he surrendered. Read More »

Obama Needs to Get Gutsy at Home

The president has been widely praised for his bold move to kill bin Laden. The middle class would benefit from a few gutsy moves, too. Read More »

Secure Elections are Not Optional

Every vote must count for a republic to work. Read More »

More Politcal Observations

Contradictions that leave you scratching your head are not regulated to a political party or a certain group. Read More »

Republicans Have Offered No Vision For Their Cuts

The GOP's lack of coherence has left natural allies worried about 'reckless cutting.' Read More »

The Yin, Yang of the 111th Congress

Why is a Congress that has produced so much, also so hated? Read More »

All Quiet on the California Election Day Front

As the rest of the country stampeded to the polls to "change" the political course of the country, voters in California were far more calm. And optimistic. Read More »

The Tea Party: Let’s Add More Division

The Tea party is another way to add division among parties. Read More »

Come Election Day, Leave Fear Off the Ballot

Recent polls show voters leaning toward GOP candidates and it has nothing to do with the issues. It's simply because of party affiliation. Read More »