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Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume 11 by Julietta Suzuki


Nanami and friends work to prepare for the new year. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘A Devil and Her Love Song’ Volume Nine by Miyoshi Tomori


The third story arc introduces a new character with a potential crush on our heroine Maria. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Strobe Edge’ Volume Four by Io Sakisaka


I’m just not convinced that Ando's the right guy for Ninako. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Pokemon Adventures’ Volume 17 by Hidenori Kusaka


The best part of this volume is the Pokemon battle between Ruby and Norman and the backstory that is provided for both of these characters. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Kamisama Kiss’ Volume 10 by Julietta Suzuki


A strong continuation of the story arc introduced in volume nine. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Pokemon Black and White’ Volume 10 by Hidenori Kusaka


Including an interesting visit to the Celestial Tower, the final resting place of Pokemon. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Dengeki Daisy’ Volume One by Kyousuke Motomi


This is a series that will probably be best enjoyed by the teenage girls who typically make up the market for shojo manga. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘The Earl & the Fairy’ Volume One by Ayuko


An interesting story for a shojo manga, set in 19th-century Europe. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Naruto’ Volume Nine by Masashi Kishimoto


The battle between Sakura and Ino concludes. Read More »

Manga Review: ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal’ Volume One by Shin Yoshida


If you're not a die-hard fan, you might find it hard to see the appeal. Read More »