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Common Sense on Credit and Debit Card Fraud

People worry so much about fraud, but in reality you're not in a whole lot of danger. Read More »

Visa Picks Favorites with New Prepaid Debit Rates

Visa's new pricing system for retailers seems to level the playing field, but in reality slams both small businesses and gas stations. Read More »

Google Wallet is Ready – is Earth Ready for it?

Google Wallet has launched, but is the general public ready for mobile payments? Read More »

The Human Cost of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI)

Advice on how to lower the risk of picking up an infection at a healthcare facility. Read More »

Healthcare Itself Is One of the Top Ten Causes of Death

You can reduce the risk of HAI (Health-Associated Infections) with some simple measures. Read More »

Watching My Son Grow Up in the Philippines

An American 15-year-old boy loose in a nation of very pretty girls — "Danger, Will Robinson, danger!" Read More »

The Back Room: The Brutality of US Immigration Officers

A first-hand encounter with the American border immigration watchdog. Read More »