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TV Review: ‘Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1′

Robert, VCL Emergency Rescue Coordinator

It is astounding to me that there is only one crisis hotline and center for America’s veterans. Read More »

TV Review: ‘Dude You’re Screwed’


Those who enjoy survival-genre programing will be well-rewarded for their time with Discovery's Dude You're Screwed Read More »

Memorial Day: Remembering What My Dad Will Never Forget

Go to a parade, clap as the men and women go by, wave a flag, and salute them. It is the least we can all do. Read More »

Armistice Day, World Peace, and Feeding the Hungry

On Armistice Day let’s remember that dream of world peace that should have followed the First World War. Read More »

TV Preview: Vietnam in HD

Vietnam in HD is a special event that will air on the History Channel this November 8-10 at 9/8 Central. Read More »

Perry’s Insult to Veterans

Why did Rick Perry make a voter ID bill an "emergency" to fast-track it when it discriminates against Texas veterans? Read More »

America, We No Longer Know Ye. Or Care To

There is only one thing those who served and those who died need to know about their costly effort. Read More »

DVD Review: Lest They Be Forgotten – D-Day Remembered

Hundreds of American war veterans' personal narratives have been preserved in the video series, "Lest They Be Forgotten." Read More »

Injured Marine Gets a Welcome Home

Jacksonville, FL—not such a big city now! It's amazing how people really do care. Read More »

Book Review: A Big Anthology of World War II U.S. Submarine and Historic Stories by Paul W. Wittmer

“If we, the living veterans of World War II do not publish, then others will, and in the process, rewrite our history.” — Paul W. Wittmer Read More »