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Four Major Art Shows in 2015: Bjork at MOMA, Frida Kahlo, Fritz Scholder, Rembrandt

bjork moma

From Rembrandt to Björk. Read More »

DVD Review: Understanding Art – Impressionism

Understanding Art: Impressionism keeps presenter Waldemar Januszcak front and center. Read More »

Book Review: Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d’Art by Christopher Moore

Moore at his best — underneath the laughter lies the truth the clown usually covers with a greasepaint smile. Read More »

What About Art for Art’s Sake? NYC Department of Education Plans to Test the Arts

If New York City proceeds with testing on the arts, it will be just another case of ignorance and wanting to improve something but ruining it. Read More »

Book Review: Wild Roses by Deb Caletti

An engrossing story and an interesting look at loving and living with musical geniuses. Read More »

Movie Review: The Art of the Steal

How to steal from a small college to make your city richer: What happened to probate law in Philadelphia is what The Art of the Steal is about. Read More »

CD/Book Review: Van Eck – Van Gogh by Van Eck: A Musical Journey Into the Heart and Soul of Vincent Van Gogh

In terms of matching art study to musical appreciation, the set falls short. Read More »

DVD Review: The Impressionists with Tim Marlow – The Collection

Marlow highlights the initially revolutionary nature of Impressionist art while shedding light onto the lives of its creators. Read More »