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Back to TV’s Roots


Lately, television networks have flocked to remakes and reboots. Read More »

PC Game Review: Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods and Kings

So the real question on buying Gods and Kings is not if, but how soon do you want these additions. Read More »

TV Review: breaking_in – “21.0 Jump Street”

breaking_in bites the dust after a mere six weeks, but deserves to go on much longer. Read More »

TV Review: breaking_in – “Pilot”

breaking_in is led by two great actors, and written with some serious funny. Read More »

TV Review: V – “Mother’s Day”

V has always been an uneven show, but the finale was great, so renew it! Read More »

To V Or Not To V?: All Hail Your New Reptilian Gods, Puny Humans

ABC's alien invasion reboot goes out on a full head of blood, guts, skin and cheese. But will it be back? Read More »

TV Review: V Getting Past “Birth Pangs”

V is leaning more on big action, a smart move for a series weak on writing. Read More »

All We Are Saying Is Give V A Chance

Just when things are getting good... Read More »

Can Your Watching Television Benefit Society?

Is it good to watch shows that you're not particular enjoying? I think it just might be. Read More »

TV Review: V – “Red Rain”

V is somehow still appealing despite obvious, glaring flaws. Fix them and you'd have an awesome show. Read More »