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Organic Food is Poisoning You

Organic Carrots

Organic foods are billed as being better for your health, yet many times they contain poisons whose long-term effects shouldn’t be ignored, yet that’s exactly what FDA does. Read More »

Euler’s Not so Organics

We all like organic food, but how organic would your "organic" food be? Let's see using the Euler's Organics Model Read More »

DVD Review: Farmageddon

Armed police point guns at watermelons and USDA officials incinerate healthy sheep in this powerfully empathic new documentary. Read More »

Senator Brown Seeks to Expand Summer Feeding to Fight Child Hunger

The key is getting communities and organizations involved in supporting summer feeding in the United States. Read More »

Can GMO Food Be Organic?

A mother searches for the answer. Read More »

What’s the Beef? USDA Labels Explained

Do you know what's in the beef you're eating, or the difference between conventional, grass-fed, free-range, and organic beef? Read More »

Stopping the “Zombie Disease” (aka Mad Cow or Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease)

Mad Cow Disease is a reflection of our own insanity as a society. Read More »

Senate Urged to Increase McGovern-Dole Funding

There needs to be a greater emphasis on school lunches in U.S. foreign policy. Read More »

What You Drink Impacts Your Diet, Part Five: Milk and the Dairy Industry

Our beverage expedition takes a rather disturbing detour, the abuses and future of our dairy cows and other livestock. Read More »

McGovern-Dole program uses school meals to fight global hunger

Children in Pakistan, Liberia, Kenya and 15 other countries will soon be benefiting from the McGovern-Dole program Read More »