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Book Review: ‘Us’ by David Nicholls


Can a lifetime of love hold a relationship together, especially once the last child has left home? Read More »

Book Review: The Tea Party by Elizabeth Price Foley

Explains the constitutional and legal basis for the values of the Tea Party movement. Read More »

Book Review: Tea Party Patriots by Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin

The organization's founders set the record straight with their new book. Read More »

TV Review: The Office (US) – “Pilot”

Why the pilot episode of the American The Office is better than the original British version. Read More »

Book Review: American Nations by Colin Woodard

A fascinating and rewarding book about what makes the US the country it was and is today. Read More »

Book Review: The Politics Guy Campaign Tips by Vic Berardelli

How to run a local campaign in the US in primer form. Read More »

DVD Review: The Hayek Prophecies

It may be over 20 years old, but Hayek's thoughts are as important now as they ever were. Read More »

Is It Police Brutality in Bolivia or Is It Something Much More Insidious?

Is everything you know a lie? Read More »

Election 2012: The Lesser of Two Evils — Again

As the presidential election season of 2012 approaches, shouldn't the public demand the best candidates for the job? Read More »

What Is U.S. National Interest in Libya?

What Is U.S. National Interest In Libya? Read More »