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SXSW V2V: Growth Hacking in 10 Easy Steps

Vincent Dignan

“Grow fast or die slow,” was the quote from growth mentor Samir Patel (@meetsamir) that Vincent Dignan used to set the tone for his presentation, “Growth Hacking Live: Boost Your Startup in Realtime.” Dignan spoke to a room overflowing with startup entrepreneurs at SXSW V2V, a four-day (July 19-22) educational event in Las Vegas. He knows that quote is true. ... Read More »

World Hesitant to Support Obama’s Plan for Syria


Some may find it strange to consider that some of our allies have shown hesitation to follow America in her preparation to attack the Assad forces. The British Parliament,,, Read More »

Margaret Thatcher Is Gone with the Wind

Thinking about Reagan and Thatcher as the Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara of the 1980s. Read More »

The Future of China and What it Means for the West

China will have the world's largest economy by 2021 and may soon overtake America as the world’s next superpower. Read More »

On Gay Rights, a Church Shows Its Irrelevance

The Church of England wants its voice to be heard on gay marriage, but is only highlighting its impotence. Read More »

Music Reviews: Autistici – Detached Metal Voice & Slow Temperature; Various Artists: Autistici Reworked – Resonating Wires

Three albums from the Sheffield based artist David Newman, aka Autistici. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Kes

A Little-Known Classic Finally Comes to Blu-ray Read More »

Music News: What Will Noel Gallagher Do Next?

What's known about Noel Gallagher's upcoming solo release. Read More »

Book Review: The Last Resort by Martin Parr

A vividly colored document of working class vacationers in New Brighton during Thatcher-era England. Read More »

Pope Benedict’s Attack on Atheism

Without the ludicrous reference, you might have thought he was talking about those who raped children, but he wasn't. Read More »