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Take Your Twinkie and Shove It!

On capitalist rapists. Read More »

My Father Built This: A Labor Day Reflection

"I built this" is an insult to the workers upon whose backs this country was built, especially today, Labor Day. Read More »

The Impossible Candidate

The GOP's search for a sensible and intelligent candidate who supports the GOP's crazy and stupid positions. Read More »

A Defense of Education Inspired By Jon Stewart’s Interview With Diane Ravitch

Stop blaming the teachers! Jon Stewart and Diane Ravitch back me up. Read More »

Workers: No Union; No Voice.

What consequences if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker succeeds in busting the public employee unions? Read More »

French Pension Reform: Street Corner Garbage And Economics

Last night legislation was passed in the French Senate raising retirement age to 62. This needed to happen. France is in desperate need of economic reform. The government is financing pensions with debt. Many countries face pension problems, including the United States. Read More »

Movie Review: Waiting for “Superman”

Our nation's public school system is badly broken. This film takes a much needed step toward igniting a national dialogue aimed at fixing it. Read More »

Campaign Finance Laws are Absurd – Throw Them All Out!

It's time to reboot the campaign financing system. Read More »

SEIU Targets Tea Party Candidates in Illinois

As the primary voting begins it's down to bare knuckles and raw rhetoric between unions and the grassroots. Read More »

White House Visitors Log Shows Where Influence Lies

A look at who is visiting the President and how often tells a lot about where his real loyalties lie. Read More »