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UNICEF and National Dairy Month

UNICEF provided therapeutic milk in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Today, it's also being used to treat child malnutrition in South Sudan and Central African Republic.

National Dairy Month is also time to think about the importance of the milk that UNICEF provides in helping the famine-threatened countries. Read More »

UNICEF Warns of Child Starvation in South Sudan

Children attending a class at the Muniki Center Basic School in the Muniki Payam, a sub-district of Juba, South Sudan. Photo: UNICEF/NYHQ2007-0862/G. Cranston

Food supplies all over the country have been disrupted. There are 3.7 million people in South Sudan suffering from hunger. Read More »

Feed An Invisible Guest for Halloween, One of the World’s Hungry

On Halloween world hunger may be out of sight for most, it does not have to be out of mind Read More »

The Final Olympic Event: The Global Hunger Summit

This Sunday in London the starving peoples of the world are hoping the Olympic spirit can come to their aid. Read More »

Special Food Can Save Malnourished Children in Yemen

A full supply of supplementary plumpy for children in Yemen would provide the nation a break from the malnutrition storm. Read More »

Obama, Romney, Clooney, and an Invisible Guest


Today let's have a break from excessive political fundraising and have our political leaders come together to benefit humanity instead. Read More »

This Day in History in the Fight Against Global Hunger

As President Obama is set to make a speech about today's global hunger crisis, it helps to look back on this day in history. Read More »

Food Running Out for Refugees from Mali Conflict

The international community has a responsibility to act to avoid a potential famine in the Sahel. Read More »

Silent Threat of Hunger Gravest to Yemen

This hunger attack is devastating the future of Yemen, it's children. Read More »

How a Silent Guest Can Help Save Hungry Yemen

At your next meal, you could take in an infant child in Yemen who needs plumpy'nut to prevent deadly malnutrition. Read More »