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Book Review: The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

Thomas Lourds vs. the Devil with Armageddon for the prize... Read More »

Debtor Prison in Turkey!

Human Rights in Turkey Read More »

Thanksgiving: No More Whine About the Wine

Whatever your Thanksgiving dinner traditions, they can be made richer with well-matched wines. Read More »

“Terror Makes You Piss Your Pants!”: Caroline Glick Kicking Ass – Sorta

Caroline Glick - unrestrained satirist - shackled analyst. One wishes she could see how much truth there is in humor. Read More »

News Analysis from Israel: Life Imitates Art – Talking Turkey About the Flotilla Fallout

When the mass media lies through its teeth, other means of getting the truth out must be found. Read More »

Book Review: Armenian Golgotha by Grigoris Balakian

Firsthand account of Armenian genocide aims to commemorate its victims while it tells their story. Read More »

Thanksgiving Pains

The problem with sharing a birthday with America. Read More »

Hillary Clinton Helps Ensure Turkey and Armenia are One Step Closer to Normalized Relations

Secretary Clinton and her foreign counterparts help ensure that landmark treaty between Turkey & Armenia isn't scuttled by last minute bickering. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Midnight Express (1978)

Brilliant though skewed, the story of Billy Hayes' life in a Turkish prison comes to Blu-ray. Read More »