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eBook Review: Digging Deep by Kay Jaybee

An erotic romance from Kay Jaybee. Read More »

What Does The Arab Re-Awakening Mean For Middle East Interests?

With the Middle East experiencing social upheaval and revolution what does that mean for our interests? Read More »

How Turmoil in the Middle East Might Change American Foreign Policy

What can be done to further democracy in the region? Read More »

Gaddafi Hiding, Tyrants Around the World Quaking

Libyan leader Gaddafi is hiding as protesters appear on the brink of taking power. Read More »

Arab World Order May Be Falling Apart

With Arabs demanding freedom in country after country, it may be impossible for all the sultans' horses and all the king's men to put the Middle East back together again. Read More »

Arab Wall Falls at Hyper Speed Compared to Berlin Wall

It appears the Western world dramatically underestimated the desire for democracy in Arab nations. Read More »

Is Arabian Berlin Wall Falling?

The West, despite spending billions on the middle east, has been caught by surprise by the wave of demands for democracy from arabian dictatorships Read More »

Egypt Appears on the Edge of Revolution

The second time around, middle eastern geeks are working with others around the world setting up ways to get around firewalls. Read More »

How You Can Directly Help the People of Egypt, Tunisia, and Others When Governments Control Communications

Some ways of communicating with Egypt. Read More »

The Twitter Revolts: Social Media as a Weapon Against Unpopular Governments

No one would have imagined Twitter and Facebook used as a tool to organize movements against governments Read More »