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Movie Review: The Impossible is Haunting and Unforgettable

I guarantee you will feel changed as you walk out of the theater and want to run home and hug those who are dear to you. Read More »

Ron Paul: Get Rid of FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program

A Libertarian simpleton's view of what should happen when a major disaster strikes. Read More »

Bullet-Train TV Commercial Lifts Spirits in Japan

Initially withdrawn because of the Japanese tsunami, a television commercial for a new bullet-train line helps a grieving nation dare to smile once more. Read More »

Finding the Real Stories in Japan’s Disaster

Some of the most moving elements of a disaster relief story aren’t found at the scene of major-league relief operations. Read More »

Japan Nuclear Disaster: A Wake-up Call for Us All

We need to lose the nuclear power and nuclear weapons or we may just end up losing our planet. Read More »

Hunger in Japan

Ways to help Read More »

Flexibility is Strength

Tenacity and the will keeps man on the move. Read More »

Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Meltdown, Heavy Snowfall — What Next?

What next? So much has already happened. Let's all pray in unity to the supreme power to get things back to normal for Japan as soon as possible! Read More »

Nuclear Meltdown Japan: What’s the Fallout for the U.S.?

The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan has started a national conversation on our own shores. Read More »

Japanese Tsunami: I’m Gonna Build Me an Ark

I know this is a poor lot of creatures to take, but short of raiding the Bronx Zoo before the flood comes, what am I to do? Read More »