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Liberty Betrayed as TSA Anti-Groping Bill is Scuttled in Texas

The people may have lost this battle, but the war is far from over. The cry of "don't touch my junk" is spreading nationwide. Read More »

Texas House Speaker Stymies TSA Anti-Groping Bill

Is the TSA anti-groping bill dead at the hands of Joe Straus or will it live on in a form too watered down to make any difference? Read More »

DOJ Threatens to Turn Texas Into a “No Fly Zone”

The DOJ may be touching a match to a powderkeg with its heavy handed approach to the civil liberties of airline passengers. Read More »

Bipartisanship In The Airport Screening Line

Liberals and conservatives can agree on one thing: they both don't like intrusive security. Read More »

TSA Screenings: Safety Measures or Assault?

One person's inconvenience is another's assault. Read More »

Profiling for Sanity

Using the "P" word to bring us back from the brink of insanity. Read More »

Will the TSA Crash the Security State?

The values which define America are incompatible with the dictates of a security state. Read More »

DVD Review: Please Remove Your Shoes

Air travel security has continually deteriorated, providing a “security theater” meant to make us feel safe; we’re not. Read More »

The Rise of the Tele-Profiler: Pop Psychologist of the 21st Century

Profiling can be benign or harmful. But today isn't it just intuition wrapped in pop psychology? Read More »

Citizen Journalist Michael Yon Detained by the ICE

Inability to stop underwear bombers is only the beginning of the problems with our security forces. Read More »