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Obama Officially, Overtly Commits Treason

Obama announced he will provide classified US missile data to Russia, despite objections from security agency experts. Read More »

Extrajudicial Execution is a Threat to the Rights of Every Citizen

Do you want our government to condemn citizens to death in secret and then execute them without a trial or even an arrest warrant? Read More »

Rejecting Budget Compromise, Activists Demand Government Shut Down

The people have had enough and it's time to demand accountability from congressional leaders for budget-cutting failure. Read More »

Book Review: Treason on the Airwaves: Three Allied Broadcasters on Axis Radio during World War II by Judith Keene

Historian examines treason prosecutions of Australian, American, and British citizens who broadcast for the Axis during World War II. Read More »


If I'm a Nazi, then so are you, 'cause I'm made of rubber and you're glue! Read More »

Economic Insanity and Job Destruction Continue

The Democrats' economic policies go beyond foolishness and can only be a deliberate plan to sabotage the nation. Read More »