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Sadly Funny

Just found in a books chainstore a heavily discounted beautiful book – red hardcover, excellent paper, jacket – a pleasure to hold and behold: Mark Twain’s “A Tramp Abroad”. I’m still at the beginning yet already reading Twain’s humorous description of the German students’ spartan corps code and their insane dueling, one stops smiling. A root, unstroken. >”…It was considered ... Read More »

Unfit For Command

Kerry's "Band Of Brothers" Hates Him... Read More »

Bilbao. James Rosenquist. Rings a bell?

1. 1983 In the beginning, when HILAI wasn’t even a seed, just an idea burning in my bones, I met in NYC with the Director of The New Israel Fund. I was told right away that first of all I must create a non-profit organization. Never heard of such a creature. The only ones in Israel at that time, almost ... Read More »


Even though the largest Caribbean festival in North America takes place right under my nose, I've never really participated in Caribana until this past weekend. I'm glad I did! Read More »

Prague by Arthur Phillips

Five expats end up in Budapest and proceed to drink, smoke, and finagle their way into quirky relationships, shady but successful business deals, and strange art. Read More »

How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer

Part history, part cultural commentary, part political analysis, and part diehard sports fan evangelism, How Soccer Explains the World is an interesting and thought provoking read even if it doesn't explain the world. Read More »

Bangkok’s New Underground Train

Plenty of head-space for travellers from foreign countries and rows of seats running lengthways so that if you do snag a seat you will be facing the person across from you. I approve of this choice as the odds are good that a Thai tart in a short skirt will be sitting on the opposite side. Read More »

The Secret Life of Lobsters

The Secret Life of Lobsters is not one of those Victorian Gentlemen’s Entertainments, though it has a lot of bullying, fight clubs, sex, violence, home invasions, pissing contests, extreme nudity, pilgrimages, super-heroes, robots and alien autopsies. And that’s just the lobsters. The Secret Life of Lobsters is much more than about lobsters, the book, written by Trevor Corson, is as ... Read More »

Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip Dayton Duncan & Ken Burns, 2003.

In 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson made a bet that he could drive a car from San Francisco to New York in under 90 days. With pots of money and determination, he did it. Amazing to think how difficult long-distance travel was in those days, when roads weren’t marked because the only people who used them either lived there or knew ... Read More »

The Duke Reads “Fugitives And Refugees” By Chuck Palahniuk

Take a walk round Portland, Oregon, with the author of Fight Club and Diary. Also, there's some recipes. Read More »