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Albanov: In the Land of the White Death—Surviving the Siberian Arctic

Thrilling tale of 150-mile trak across Arctic ice in 1914, just 2 years after the Antarctic death of Scott. Read More »

Bryson: The Lost Continent—Undiscovered America

Any Bryson travelogue is a series of poignant or pithy vignettes, stirred together into a stew of unique flavor. Read More »

Cultural Images

Some visual thoughts about culture Read More »

Horatio’s Drive—America’s First Road Trip

In late May 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson, a retired doctor from Vermont, set out to drive to New York City for a $50 bet. Read More »

living language | learn french again

Raise your hand if you were forced to take a language course in school – you know, the usual Spanish or French, and if you were in a better school district, Italian, Latin, German and even Chinese as my son just told me was offered. Now keep your hand raised if you remember a word of it – or can ... Read More »

Green Thumb

Irish strikes again.. Read More »


Apparently there are a lot of people who plan their entire vacations around food. Read More »

The Hungry Tide

Progress, dolphins, tigers, language and tides Read More »

Milwaukee Winter Images

Milwaukee was particularly beautiful today – the lake brought in a stack of fog and mist, the weather was unseasonably warm, if quite moist and windy. Some images I captured… (Incidentally, check the book referenced above for some excellent images of Milwaukee through the years) Read More »

“The Darling” by Russell Banks

“The Darling” by Russell Banks is his latest novel, a combination of contemporary historical fiction and highly evocative literary prose. I’ve only read one other Russell Banks novel, “Rule of the Bone”, and seen the two movies adapted from his novels, “Affliction” and “The Sweet Hereafter”, so don’t have a lot of comparisons to his other work, though there are ... Read More »