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Book Review: Bodies In Motion

The post-colonial experience is still fresh for the children of the sub-continent. We grew up hearing tales of British excesses, values, and vices. As Indians, we experienced, at least vicariously, the horrors of the Partition, a name used more often than not to refer to the blood-stained labor pains of our countries’ naissance. Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, had it no ... Read More »

Book Review: Free the Beagle

Considering the book is categorized as business and self-help, the reader gets treated to an unexpected tale rather than what most expect when reading a business book. Some business books have used this approach and have been successful by teaching through a tale. The tale in Free the Beagle is open to many interpretations. The reader goes on the journey ... Read More »

The Mustang Ranch, World Famous Brothel, Back In Business

The world-renowned Mustang Ranch, at one time the largest bordello in the United States, has reopened under new management, now calling itself the World Famous Brothel. The original Mustang Ranch was run by Joe Conforte, an erstwhile cab-driver from San Francisco, who began running it in the 1960s, and made it the state’s first legal bordello in 1971. He ran ... Read More »

The Second Love of My Life: New Orleans

I met the love of my life 6 years ago, and five years ago I married her. I met the second love of my life 2 years and 3 months ago. She’s not a woman, but a city: New Orleans. Everyone I know that comes to New Orleans either loves it or hates it. There is no in between it ... Read More »

Own Your Very Own Napoleon-Era Fort

If you ever wanted to own your own island, now is the time. For a relative bargain at £150,000 or around $275,000, you can own Stack Rock Fort, which is situated off the coast of Milford Haven. It has it’s own cannons! We’ve all had fantasies and playfights on our islands, and now you live it. I’m not sure you ... Read More »

A Monday Afternoon Ramble | Of Saints, Monogamy & Other Animals

A total ramble, rant, typical Sadi, if you're not in the mood, don't bother. If you're never in the mood, really don't bother, but if you feel like it, absolutely please read on, i'd love that.... otherwise, move on to next post by someone who has something more important to say, though that said, i think this is sort of important in its way. But then ~ it's opinion. There you have it. Cheers, S.R.P. Read More »