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Book Review: Exploring Texas History: Weekend Adventures by Elaine L. Galit & Vikk Simmons

In 1914 a Japanese man remembered the Alamo, and other fine tales of how Texas became Texas. Read More »

Rawicz: The Long Walk—A Sobering Reflection on Real Torture and Deprivation

"I had to tell my story as a warning to the living, and as a moral judgment for the greater good." Read More »

“All-natural deodorizer also kills germs”… No, for real this time

I cannot believe this. The Japanese–perhaps in their tiny country, this is a case of necessity being the mother of invention–have invented a totally organic compound that literally deactivates deadly microorganisms in garbage dumps–and eliminates the worst of the smell. Think about that for a minute. Flies no longer hang around garbage dumps treated with this mixture–called Effective Microorganisms, or ... Read More »

McPhee: La Place de la Concorde Suisse—Glacial Peace in a Neutral Country

McPhee assembles elements of Swiss life into a precise picture of this neutral - but hardly pacifist - country. Read More »

Albanov: In the Land of the White Death—Surviving the Siberian Arctic

Thrilling tale of 150-mile trak across Arctic ice in 1914, just 2 years after the Antarctic death of Scott. Read More »

Bryson: The Lost Continent—Undiscovered America

Any Bryson travelogue is a series of poignant or pithy vignettes, stirred together into a stew of unique flavor. Read More »

Cultural Images

Some visual thoughts about culture Read More »

Horatio’s Drive—America’s First Road Trip

In late May 1903, Horatio Nelson Jackson, a retired doctor from Vermont, set out to drive to New York City for a $50 bet. Read More »

living language | learn french again

Raise your hand if you were forced to take a language course in school – you know, the usual Spanish or French, and if you were in a better school district, Italian, Latin, German and even Chinese as my son just told me was offered. Now keep your hand raised if you remember a word of it – or can ... Read More »

Green Thumb

Irish strikes again.. Read More »