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Update: Emily Hits Yucatan

Force Four hurricane hit the island of Cozumel and then the resort area - Riviera Maya. Reports will be coming. Read More »

Hurricane Emily Targets Yucatan

Hurricane Emily, a powerful cyclonic storm, is aiming for the resorts of the Yucatan, Mexico Read More »

Palm World Voices: Six New Titles can hear the music but also see where it comes from, read about that place and feel involved in the culture Read More »

Sunni Muslim Wakf Board takes over Taj Mahal from Archaeological Survey of India

The Taj Mahal, shrine to love, was declared Sunni Wakf property on the grounds that it is the grave of a woman whose husband, Emperor Shah Jahan was a Sunni. The Archaeological Survey of India, the custodian of this World Heritage Monument said it would appeal the decision to the High Court today, and then the Supreme Court, if necessary. ... Read More »

Cruising: The Cruise Ship Journey

About 1800 people come to eat and drink and take a quick glimpse of another culture Read More »

Sorrow of Sorrows

A child died today. Or perhaps it was yesterday. The days blur into one tragic, slow motion, day-long weekend. Thousands of children die everyday, but I knew this boy. J.R., 13, finished 7th grade only a few weeks ago. Yesterday’s sun rose with the promise of a fun-filled day at the rugged Oregon coast with his family and closest friends. ... Read More »

Book Review: Midnight In The Garden Of Evil

"...New York is boring. It’s like Gone With The Wind on mescaline down here..." Read More »

The Country Side of Life

When you move from the city into the country, a considerable number of municipally peripheral things suddenly come into your life in a big way, such as the moon and the stars. Read More »

Book Review: Bodies In Motion

The post-colonial experience is still fresh for the children of the sub-continent. We grew up hearing tales of British excesses, values, and vices. As Indians, we experienced, at least vicariously, the horrors of the Partition, a name used more often than not to refer to the blood-stained labor pains of our countries’ naissance. Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, had it no ... Read More »

Book Review: Free the Beagle

Considering the book is categorized as business and self-help, the reader gets treated to an unexpected tale rather than what most expect when reading a business book. Some business books have used this approach and have been successful by teaching through a tale. The tale in Free the Beagle is open to many interpretations. The reader goes on the journey ... Read More »