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Book Review: Himalaya by Michael Palin

“Buddhism is a very steep religion.” This type of trenchent observation is what makes Michael Palin’s travels a genuine joy to behold. Having gone “Around the World in 80 Days“, travelled “Full Circle” and traipsed across the Sahara. Michael Palin and his indefatigable BBC crew elected to visit the high peaks of the Himalaya. Covering 1800 miles, from Afghanistan to ... Read More »

Xingolati Adds Banyan to Bill

Xingolati (pronounced Zîng-gō-läh-ti): is it a frothy, pricey hot new liquid stimulant at Starbucks, or the Groove Cruise of the Pacific, starring the “fearless freaks” themselves, Flaming Lips? If you voted for the latter, you are smarter than you look. TALENT UPDATE: just added to the lush, pullulating talent bill is Banyan, an experimental alt-rock/jazz/funk/world music hydra featuring Stephen Perkins ... Read More »

American Obesity Is Large And In Charge

We all know by now that Americans are too fat. For whatever reason, we are tipping the scales at an alarming rate. In addition to all the health problems and health care costs associated with American obesity, we now have to deal with a new wrinkle. Americans are so fat that airlines are having to remove life vests from planes ... Read More »