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Book Review: The Shark God by Charles Montgomery

One of the year's best non-fiction works, this insightful account of Melanesian life follows the author as he retraces his great-grandfather’s steps as a missionary. Read More »

A Dutch Diplomat Calls Delhi Filthy, and Its People a Nuisance

All hell breaks loose as the Netherlands diplomat Arnold Parzer hurls abuses on India's capital city. Read More »

A Sudden Trip to Pakistan: On The Road In Lahore, With A Digicam

Sight-seeing and passing instant judgments while driving in Pakistan’s greatest city. Read More »

Book Review: Jhelum – City of the Vitasta by Salman Rashid

A mosaic of history, archeology, geography, folklore, and travelogue. Read More »

A Sudden Trip to Pakistan – Shocked and Awed by a Brave Pakistani Play

A play so courageous that it creates doubt about Pakistan's popular image as a fundamentalist Islamist regime accepting no criticism of its controversial history. Read More »

Photo Essay: A Sudden Trip to Pakistan – Crossing the India-Pakistan Border at Wagah

What does an Indian look for when crossing the inaccessible border into archrival Pakistan? What comparisons does he make? What is his impression of Pakistan? Read More »

A Sudden Trip to Pakistan – Last Day Reflections in Lahore

Could a three-day stay in an enemy country help diffuse the biased prejudices? Could an Indian find love and affection in a Pakistani? Read More »

Book Review: The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh

"The artist's load" and Waugh: He didn't know America well enough to hate it. Read More »

Jam Cruise 5 Announces Final Line-Up and Pre-Party

The list of performers are finalized for the floating music festival, Jam Cruise. Read More »

Harry Potter and the Tightly Grasped Manuscript

Author J.K. Rowling refuses to part with her fictional progeny. Read More »