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Book Review: ‘The Tokyo Karaoke Murder’ by Fran Pickering

tokyo karaoke murder

Japanphiles and crime lovers alike will love this introduction to the Josie Clark in Japan series. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Cherry Blossom Murder’ by Fran Pickering

The Cherry Blossom Murder - Fran Pickering

The first in a series of "Josie Clark in Japan" mysteries proves a promising debut. Read More »

Book Review: Tokyo Sex Slave by Louis Antonucci

This very short erotic book left me with the impression that it was produced by someone with ADHD. Read More »

Book Review: Tokyo Taxi by Alexander James

Tokyo Taxi provides an authentic taste of modern Tokyo at night through a collection of photos of its taxi signs. Read More »

Book Review: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Toru Watanabe reminisces about his days as a college student in 1960s Tokyo. Read More »

DVD Review: Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo is not your father’s nature documentary, but finds poetry in bug and man alike. Read More »

DVD Review: Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

The sounds of Tokyo offer a strange soundtrack to this odd thriller Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Lost in Translation

A film that resonates with every viewing. Read More »

DVD Review: RoboGeisha

RoboGeisha... they're robot geisha, 'nuff said Read More »

Fashion on Film from Models to Designers

Can models become film directors and fashion directors become filmmakers? Read More »