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The Trouble With Football

Football needs to stop cutting into better shows, at least until DVR technology improves. Read More »

Netflix Rate Increase Poses Quandary

The Netflix rate change is aggravating. Read More »

iPad App Review: TiVo Premiere Companion App Fully Explored

TiVo released its highly anticipated iPad App. Is this the perfect companion for your TiVo viewing experience? Read More »

Lexus Style DVR

Are you in search of the Lexus of DVRs? Read More »

House, M.D. and the Ratings Game: A Differential Diagnosis

What causes the ratings of a hit series to dip? It's complicated. Read More »

Still Nothing on, but More is Coming

TiVo and cable on demand are finaly getting together! Read More »

Hundreds of Channels, Still Nothing On

How can there be so many choices with so little to offer? Read More »

The Ever-Expanding Video on Demand Options

More money is being spent by cable and film companies, the Wii runs Netflix, but what is the best choice? Read More »

NBC to Comcast: Let the TV Apocalypse Begin!

Watch me cheer as yet another dinosaur dies. Read More »

When the TiVo Disappears

TiVo has forever altered the way I watch television, but what happens when my TiVo disappears for two weeks? Read More »