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Book Review: Corporate Recruiter Tells All: Tips, Secrets, and Strategies to Landing Your Dream Job! by Ryan Fisher

Without sugarcoating the job-hunting experience, Corporate Recruiter Tells All offers many good reminders in how to professionally showcase skills and experience. Read More »

When a Parenting Expert Collides with Parents’ Experience

Some parents are more "expert" than others. Read More »

Copy Editing Tips

Write it right. Read More »

Don’t Marry Your Cat: Dating Advice From the Old and New Schools

Dating tips to keep you from marrying your cat, from a hip father and daughter's point of view. Read More »

Book Review: Men: 10 Essential Skills by RVR

A simple users' guide to being a man. Read More »

Tips For a College Student Cook With a Small Kitchen

Tips to make cooking with a small kitchen and limited time easier. Read More »

Six Simple Blogging Tips

There a few simple guidelines that I suggest for keeping your blog readable and to not scare your potential readers away. Read More »

Christmas Dos and Don’ts

Keep my tips in mind this Christmas season, and you'll make everyone happier! Read More »

How to Serve and Earn Fantastic Tips: 15 Steps for 15%+ Tips

Painless steps to making more money serving food and beverages. Read More »

Book Review: The Ultimate Book of Top 10 Lists, Edited by Jamie Frater

From crime, movies and music to science, history and literature, this book offers an intriguing array of intriguing top-10 lists. Read More »