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Book Review: The Official Book of Mob Humor by Malcolm Kushner

What do you mean The Official Book of Mob Humor is funny? How is it funny? Funny like a clown? Will it amuse you? Make you laugh? Is it here to amuse you?... Well, yes! Read More »

Why President Obama’s Health Care Plan is Still A Win-Win Winner, Part 2,799.63

OR, How it Can Be Salvaged With Just a Slight Tweak Here and a Little Nudge There Read More »

Through the Lands of Fantasy: A Conversation with Lev Grossman, Author of The Magicians

NYT Bestselling Author and TIME book reviewer Lev Grossman chats about fantasy, modernism, drunken bears, and his novel The Magicians. Read More »

Book Review: Great Discoveries: Explorations that Changed History by Editors of TIME Magazine

A fascinating look at our planet’s history and beyond it. Read More »

White House Takes on Fox News

With all due respect, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Read More »